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  1. I wanna switch my pickups in my Ibanez SR305FM, and I've finally decided on the EMG-40P5 in the neck and EMG-40J at the bridge. I actually have 2 questions though, is my placement of pickups proper(the 40P5 are more bassy and the 40J more trebly, and also.. do I need anything else to purchase besides just the pickups, do I need a Pre-amp? Once again, point and laugh if you have to but I still need help :p.
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    It's not a ******** question; however, the answers are out there on EMG's website. Take a look here:
    They recommend wiring 2 9-volt batteries in series for bass guitars.
    They come with battery clips, but you may need to make some mods.
  3. Just checked my battery cavity in my bass, there is no way 2 batteries are gonna fit, and I really wanted to avoid the whole 18 volt thing. Looks like mods it is, but all this is beyond my knowledge, woodworking skills and electronic skills. Looks like the local shop it is..
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