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question concerning rics

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by B8ssMan89, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. How thin are rickenbacker necks?
  2. the Rick website says that the new 4003s are 1 11/16" at the nut and 2 1/8" at the 12th fret (if I'm not mistaken) and the 4001 neck is a little thinner I think but I'm not sure on the dimensions
  3. Even early 80's 4003 necks were a bit thinner.

    From the non-technical standpoint. They are slightly smaller than a P-bass but wider than a Jazz. Somewhere in between. The necks are also have a minimal taper to them...so its wider at the nut.
  4. yeah what he said ^ ^ ^ ^
  5. I never took any measurements, but my 03' 4003 nekc feels pretty close to a P bass, and is way thicker than my MIM Jazz bass' neck.

    If you look this up in www.rickresource.com, you will find very knowledgeable people on this subject.........by the way, the newer ones have thicker necks to make them more durable, and that is what persuaded me to get one... :)