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Question for Alembic owner's

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by belair57, Mar 21, 2001.

  1. As you may know, I've recently bought an Epic(been posting it all over the place). It did not come with a case. I would like to know from anyone who has bought an Alembic without a case, where you got a case from. I checked out the local shops and they couldn't help me. I checked the SKB site and they seem to only make cases for fender basses. Keep in mind that I'm talking about Heavy Duty hard shell cases, not gig bags or cases covered in tweed or leather.Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm afraid of taking it anywhere in the dinky little gig bag that I have.
  2. Yvon

    Yvon Supporting Member

    Nov 2, 2000
    Montreal, Canada
    Have you tried Alembic?
  3. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I don't want to hear about Alembic HSC's. They cost $270. That's ridiculous.
    Thanks for trying though, Yvon.
  4. alembicbones


    Nov 10, 2000
    Seattle, WA
    Congrats on your Alembic purchase. They make very cool stuff. Don't be surprised when you start longing for a custom Series II.

    With regards to your case dilemma, my guess is a standard P-bass case should work just fine. I purchased my Essence used from BassNW a few years ago and they threw in a P case. I haven't noticed any problems from this arrangement.

    I suggest taking your new beauty to your local music store and seeing if this will work for you.

    Best of luck,

  5. Thanks for the suggestion but I just took it to MARS today and the guy brought out three different cases. A Fender P bass, J bass, and a Generic case with a box shape for the body. The body of my Epic was much too small for all of them. It shook around inside all of them. I can see how your Essence, being a bigger, more traditional body style would fit in a case like that but my Epic is much different. Do you know of companies that can make cases for any model.
    And once again, just to let everyone know. I already checked out Alembic HSC's and they cost a whopping $270 buck. Totally out of the question.
  6. Yes! in my place(Indonesia)...Really cheap and extremely good! Hahaha..that is if you're here of course.
  7. why don't you build one?, i know it may sound strange, but any case is essentially a box or shaped box

    if i were to build a hard case for my fender j i would build a rectangle box out of MDF lite,, i don't know what it it's called in america basically fibre board,, then spilt it in half, cover it with fake leather or other waterproof material,, the fittings and handles are easy to get,,

    you could always make a shaped case that would be perfect foryou unconventional shaped bass

    thats just me though , oh and my dad's rather hany with the old woodwork,, you said you dad like the bass, get him on board,, put your heads together make a funky case and save some money
  8. alembicbones


    Nov 10, 2000
    Seattle, WA
    That's a good call by Tyburn. For the interim, a gig bag would at least give your bass adequate protection.

  9. Yvon

    Yvon Supporting Member

    Nov 2, 2000
    Montreal, Canada
    Another thing you could do is:

    Buy a keyboard case and just put some foam in it in the shape of your bass.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. But I have neither the time nor the patience to build my own case.
    I really want to just buy a case that already fits it.
  11. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    belair, if you just want to buy a case that fits it, you are going to have to buy an Alembic case.

    That is a non standard body shape and size, and the odds of you finding a case that will come close to fitting are porbably a million to one.
  12. So you guys are trying to tell me that there are NO companies that make reasonably priced, custom made hardshell cases.
    If I have to buy an Alembic case, I guess I Better start checking the classifieds and E-bay b/c a new one is just too pricey for me.
  13. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    belair, I am indeed saying that there are few if any companies that will custom make a hardshell case. If, on the off chance you find such a company, they will need to make all of their profit for designing the case off of you, since they will probably never have anyone else ask for that exact case, so the price would be almost as much as buying the case from Alembic, if not more.

    And good luck finding a used case. Alembics aren't exactly production basses, they make only a few hundred units a year total, and of course, while the Epic is popular because it is one of their lowest priced models, they probably make less than 200 4 string Epics a year.

    The only way you would find a used Epic case is if somebody has a case with no bass to go in it, like if the bass got destroyed, stolen, etc.

    Looking for a fitted case for a semi custom bass with a non traditional body style is like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

    Good luck with your search.:)
  14. Thanks for the reassurance. Actually, thanks for shedding some light on the situation. At least now I have a good reason to tell my dad that the Alembic case is the only one that's gonna work(he's paying for it). All I have to do Is show him this page. You have been a great help to me. Thanks.
  15. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    Only too happy to help!:)

    Seriously, if he will spring for it, that may be the only way you would ever find one that will fit it.

    I know how it is. When I bought my Pedulla Rapture J2 5, I had to pay $139 for the case, and that is supposedly a production instrument! At least, they turn out a lot more Raptures than Alembic does all of their models combined, which still isn't a heck of a lot.

    You could keep the instrument in a gig bag, but if you're like me they just don't seem to be enough protection for a nice bass.

    And BTW - congratulations again on your Epic! Alembics aren't my cup o' tea, but they are indeed fine basses. Enjoy it!:) I would have killed to have a boutique bass when I was your age!:cool:
  16. How old r you belair57? Congratulations on your Epic!
  17. alembicbones


    Nov 10, 2000
    Seattle, WA
    A good gig bag and a dash of common sense care should treat your new Epic just fine.

    Anyways, you're going to want to add the SF-2 superfiliter to your arsenal much faster than a case designed to withstand a hurricane.

  18. If you look at my profile you'll see that I'm 15. You must think I'm a spoiled little brat, huh.
  19. Yes, I've heard of this filter but I could you tell me what it does. It seems to be Alembic's trademark on their higher end basses but I've never played one of those and I don't really know what a filter does to the sound of the bass.
  20. oh yeah, and alembicbones, that might have been true that I'd want to get the filter b4 the case, if the filter didn't cost $800

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