Question for all you french speakers

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  1. Just for the heck of it i was trying to translate this, how close was I?

    Live like your never going to die
    Love like youve never been hurt
    Danser like no ones watching

    Vivre comme vous n'allez jamais mourir
    Adorer comme vous n'etes jamais (dont know how to say emotionally hurt)
    Danser comme ne personne voir

    I know I probably sound like a hillbilly but im working on it, lol.
  2. Fixed both English and French. :p
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    Ooh! OooooooooooH! I've got one!

    Would you translate a phrase into proper French grammar for me as well? I want to make a Tshirt with this phrase in several languages on it: "I hide the bodies in the countryside, so the police will not find them."

    So far I have Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, and questionable Italian. Well, I have them somewhere. I have lost the paper. But it's somewhere in my house, so the project lives again! And if you can do other languages properly, I would appreciate them, as well.
  4. In german that would be: Ich verstecke die Leichen in der Landschaft damit die Polizei sie nicht findet.

    In french it should be something like: Je dissimule les cadavres dans la campagne ainsi que la police ne les trouve pas. (I replaced countryside with country (as in rural area) because i don't think theres a word for countryside in french, but perhaps i just forgot it)
  5. Almost. Actually, it would be "Je dissimule les cadavres dans la campagne afin que la police ne les trouve pas".
  6. Hm, yeah, that is better.
  7. In Irish we'd say "Ceilim na corpaí sa faoin tuath, mar ní faigheann na gairdí iad ann" (Say: "Kellem na corp-ee sa fween too-ah, mar nee fie-en na gaer-dee ee-ad")

    Represent, Bard! :D
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    un oeuf is enough.

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    Feb 16, 2004
    Live like your never going to die
    Love like youve never been hurt
    Danser like no ones watching¸

    Vie comme si tu n'allais jamais mourir
    Aime comme si jamais tu ne serais blessé
    Danse comme si personne ne regarderait
  11. :D

    Les "si" n'aiment pas les "rait". ;)
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    I heard if you join the French Foreign Legion, your French will improve in a heartbeat!