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Question for any architects/builders

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by mjwhit, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Im in my second year at uni doing arch.
    Got a project due in a few days, just one possible problem i need to clear up.

    In a few sentences, the brief is to design a house with 24 square metre footprint. And build a model at 1 to 20 scale of the structure (timber framing). Ive built my model of balsa.

    Heres a pic as of about 3 days ago. At this point Ive built all my frames seperatly, and they are just sitting there with a bit of masking tape holding them, making sure they all stand up. Theres another floor to go on top, amd two sets of steps to go inbetween the two sections.

    So my problem is-there is ment to be double studs on the exterior corners of the frames correct? How much have I messed up putting packers inbetween the two studs?

    I have done this throughout the building. If you have good eyes you should be able to make it out in the foremost frame. Its not a huge problem to fix, but Id rather not if I dont have to.


    If anyones interested Il post pis when ive finished. Thanks.
  2. You have to have king studs on the outside corners, especially if this is to load bear a second floor. also don't forget to put the sub flooring on the plates BEFORE securing the second story walls. Good luck.
  3. I realise there are ment to be king studs on the outside corners.

    I thought that on an exterior load bearing wall that you had to have two per corner, ie two studs nailed together. I was wondering if it was a problem that I put packers in between the two studs? Thanks for the input.
  4. Aah, got it figured. According to a book Ive got Ive got it right...

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