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Question for GK 800 users

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by kas_lar, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. kas_lar


    Jan 12, 2005
    Hi you GK people

    I'm a massive fan for the GK amp / EBS cab tone, and I'm thinking of getting a EBS Neo 2x12"
    Right now I've got the PRoline 4x10"
    Both of the cabs are 4 ohms, would it be possible to run both of the cabs with the GK 800RB at the same time? I usually just use the standart setting (eg. not the small 100watt amp, just the full 300 watt...)

  2. Not successfully according to G-K. The 300w side supports a 4ohm minimum and the 100w side is 8ohm minimum.
    The two 4ohm cabs paralleled would present a 2ohm load and possibly overheat if you run them from the 300w side. Some amps are forgiving when run with a load that is below the recommended minimum but I've never tried 2ohms with my 800RB. Also, there is no fan cooling so it could be a problem.
    As for the 100w side, I've actually heard several accounts of failure when running below 8ohms and G-K reduced the output jacks from two to one on that section to help prevent someone from paralleling two cabs.
  3. kas_lar


    Jan 12, 2005
    Okay Thanks.... Maybe I should be looking for more 8ohm cabs then.
    Play on.
  4. F.Y.I.: You CAN use both sides of this amp fullrange without biamping. Just leave the crossover switch in the out position.

    If you can get the 2x12 cab in 8ohms and run it out of the 1oow. side, you can control each cabs level with the individual output controls. Just DON'T run a 4ohm cab on that side!

    Good luck! EW


    Feb 28, 2006
    I have a similar question regarding the GK head. I just bought (2) Ampeg cabs--1 1x15 and 1 4x10 w/tweeter. Both are 8 ohms cabs. I'm running one cable from the 4ohm out on the head into the 1x15 and then a cable from the 1x15 into the 4x10. Is there an additional configuration anyone is familiar with? I'm thinking running a cable from the head 4ohm (300W) output to the 1x15 and another cable from 4ohm (300w) to the 4x10.

    Also trying to figure the best way to place my BOSS ME effects board into the whole mix.

  6. It would be identical either way. Both configurations are paralell so you have a net impedance of 4ohms.


    Feb 28, 2006
    Finally, some advice from an 800RB user. Man, a guy can get tangled up in all these threads. Thanks!
    I checked out the rig your using on your profile. Any advice about the effects thing? I ran my gtr into the input on the head and then, for the effects, I ran the input into the send (back of the GK head) and the output into the return (back of head)--got tons of feedback, even after I messed with the noise suppresor. Then I changed it: Gtr to input on effects and (mono) out from effects into input of head. No feed back but still not using both outs on the effects board.

    Thanks again.

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