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question for ME50-B owners

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Vmac, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. Vmac


    Feb 18, 2005
    I just got one of these. I haven't figured everything yet. Can anybody tell me what set up could give me a sound close to the sound of a upright bass ? Thanks
  2. ..>>> The preset 8.1 (bank 8, #1) sound gives you something like an Upright-Acoustic sound, using the "Hollow" (is it an EQ thing?) setting within the Filter/Tone Module...

    ...I'm interested to know how other ME-50B owners have modified this patch to their liking, or used the "Hollow" tone shaper for other sounds,,....??? anyone??
  3. I got my ME-50B about a month ago, and am still finding my way around it, but as KuMByeYamALaWd (that's hard to type :D ) said, bank 8, patch 1 does give a reasonably realistic upright tone.

    It sounds good either with or without compression; you have to try it both ways for yourself to see which one you like better.

    One thing I noticed when going into the factory banks is that the compressor light always comes on even if the compressor is set to the off position. Strange.

    If you don't want the compressor affecting that effect, just turn the compressor to the first setting, and then back to the off position and it will turn the compressor off. If, however, you switch to a new bank, the compressor comes right back on. I wonder why Boss did that? :confused:

    I would have played with the unit a little more, but I noticed I was losing volume, then noticed that bank 8 started blinking, then turned into a blinking "b" - the batteries were dying. They're the batteries that came with the unit, so I guess I did get about 12 hours out of them.

    Now, I must buy the AC adapter.

    I've noticed that if you cut your mids on the ME-50B, the tone gets more upright sounding.

    I'll share more when I have more to share.

    Mike :)
  4. That's because the factory banks were saved with compression on, you can just save them with compressor of if you wish then it won't
    come on when shifting to that preset.
    (I think it even saves the eq settings in the preset as well)
  5. Thanks, hamder.

    Mike :)
  6. xan


    Sep 10, 2004
    Perth, Australia
    you could try plaing with "defretter" and mid shaping to get close to that sound also.

    ps- i got a strange sound the other day, with filter/tone set to "hollow" and drive/synth set to "overdrive" - the damn thing sounded like an out of tune organ.
  7. What does everyone think of the patch, I forget which bank# it's in, which is described as, "Synth bass sound with much sound pressure"?

    That has got to be one of the strangest effects on there. It might be good for Reggae if you can calm it down.

    Although some of the sounds on this thing belong in a cartoon soundtrack, so far I'm liking this thing more and more. :)

    But, alas; my batteries are dead! :bawl:

    Mike :D
  8. First thing I did after pedaling through all the effects preset on my me50b was to get my equalisation right, and proceeded to record that clean sound over every single one of them. complete crap, all of them, IMO...
    After that I started creating my own patches. just the usual stuff that you actually DO use...

    like: clean
    clean + compressor
    and some weirder effects that I've picked up here and there... when I have my list compiled, Ill put it up here somewhere.