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  1. What is a good place to take basses to get setup that is around the Minneapolis/St.Paul Area?I am able to go as far as the Guitar Center in roseville.

    I am recieving a SX Bass that i ordered tomorrow,so i want to know where to take it.

    On that note,how nessecary(sp?) is it to have a bass setup by a professional?

    Thanks much.
  2. Talk to Leonard ("Moses Oakland") Shapiro (612)378-0886 or e-mail him [email protected]. He does great work and he's reasonable. He's on SE University Ave. in Minneapolis. A pro set-up on a new instrument is a good idea if you don't know what you're doing well enough to do it yourself.
  3. Talk to John at

    Eclipse Music
    (651) 451-8878
    149 Thompson Ave E
    West St Paul, MN 55118

    He is a bass player and he knows the language ... I have heard that he does excellent work.
  4. Yes, I agree John is very,very good. I have actually dealt with him more than Leonard. Either guy will take good care of you, it's a matter of convenience.
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    You have one of the best anywhere in the twin city area. John Brown, at Browns Guitar Factory, in Inver Grove Hts. Check out their web site. He is from a Luthier and music family, and has grown up manufacturing instruments. You couldn't have a better source.
  6. For a guitar of this quality - you can't beat Capitol Guitars
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    He surely won't appreciate the spam this post sends his way. You should remove his email from your post.
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    Lot's of good referrals.

    We do our own set ups now on the basses we make. I either know or know of the others. All are good guys. John Brown is really a Master Luthier of sorts and is ussually building basses. His group will do a set up. But they only take appointments. It's not a store you just walk into and drop off your bass.

    Now also you should know that Brown's has some of the contracts with GC. So if you ever drop your bass off at one of the Centers, it will likely be sent out to Brown's to be set up by one of his employee.

    Here is another really good group. Hoffman Guitars, (612) 338-1079. They are right off of Riverside in Minneapolis. You won't need to make an appointment. Hoffman also has a few more techs on hand to do the work.
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    See if Willie's does set-ups.
  10. Wow. Talk about reviving a dead thread. I'm sure you all meant well, but if the OP hasn't had his SX set up by now, I'm not sure he'll come back to this post to check for suggestions. On a different note, I'm really curious about John Brown's basses now. Jazzy, do you have any pics of your builds?
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    Oh wow, I had no idea this was that old. I just responded to it because it was on the front page.
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    errr... shucks
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    Mr Mark's music in Anoka is very good.
    Hoffman guitar in Minneapolis is good too.
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    Yes I have some. I p.m.ed you a link. As soon as I figure out how to attach photos with this MacBook I juet bought, I'll try to send them to you direct.




    backneck.jpg 7006/

    There you are...There are also other photos floating around this forum somewhere.

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