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question for stingray 5 owners(or anyone familiar with them)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by narud, Apr 16, 2001.

  1. narud

    narud Supporting Member

    Mar 15, 2001
    santa maria,california
    ive had a sterling for about 5 years now. and i just bought an 89 stingray 5. on the sterling the three postion switch gives 3 distinctive sounds. parellel,singlecoil,and series are all significantly different sounding. but on the stingray 5 the postion that should be parallel sounds like series and the other two positions sound exactly the same and sound like the single coil mode on the sterling. i took off the pickguard to see if anything looked fishy but all the soldering looked factory. so, my question is that if anyone knows if the electronics were different in the 80's. ive played newer 5's and the electronics sound just like the sterling.
  2. mchildree

    mchildree Supporting Member

    Sep 4, 2000
    I've had both old and newer Stingray 5s, and they all seemed to work the same. Maybe you have some issues with the pickup coils or something. You could probably have an electronics guy check it out for you since the resistance would be different based on the setting. If you just like it the way it is on your Sterling, though, it'd be easy to just turn the switch around. That could be the case anyway.

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