Question on 2 multi-scale basses that are not dingwall priced

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  1. Bassnninja


    Jan 5, 2018
    The last bass I tried to get didnt happen. It was a srms 805. Long story short: GC sold me a jacked up bass that was supposed to be new...anyway.

    I like they way it sounds, handled an A tuning nicely.
    So I re-Ordered it on sweetwater,its about a month out, according to my rep.

    However after doing some looking around I found an esp ltd B1005ms. Found a few topics here about it.
    Sounds pretty good too based on youtube videos, and talkbass users.
    Has better electronics(nords), longer low B scale. Iv heard some dont like the pre on it, but yeah.

    Is it worth the extra 400$ over the price of the 805?
    Iv never thought of buying an LTD, out of ignorance of my own fault , I always thought they were budget basses, that just work. Up till now iv never researched them, or looked at the wider catalog of esp ltd basses.

    Any people out there who have tried both, owned both?

    That, would be the extent of my purchasing power for the forseeable future.(1400$).
  2. Bassnninja


    Jan 5, 2018
    Selfish bump.

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  4. Bassnninja


    Jan 5, 2018
    Yeah ,I read all that I could find on it, including this one. I was just hoping some might have had both at ond time or another and could tell me some more.

    I got all the info I need already at this point. I placed an order with sweetwater for the LTD, got a free case and some strings with it too. Pricey though....
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