Question on converting fretted to fretless

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    Jul 16, 2001
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    Im in the middle of converting an old Ibanez soundgear into a frettless. I got all the frets out and everything but I dont have anything that will cut the wood thin enough to fit in the slots where the frets where. I have read a couple threads about converting fretted to fretless but they dont say what they used to cut the wood. Just to let you know I dont want to use any kind of wood filler and I dont want to pay to have it done. Thanks in advanced for the help.
  2. What about a band saw to slice finely off the end of a piece of wood??

    Sit there with a tree branch and a pocket knife?? heehe Wicking. old mans voice: "i spent 3 years carving the fret fillers for the bass..."


    Roger Wilco,

  3. Goto your hardware store and buy some 1/32 inch birch veneer. Well birch if you have a dark fretboard, a dark wood if you have a light. Unless you want to try and hide the lines, in that case well I'm sure you can figure it out. Or you could even buy 1/32 inch arylic (sp?) it should work just fine.

    If all else fails, wood filler will do.