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    Jan 4, 2002
    I have a eden wt550 and two cabs both rated at 8ohmsa 4x10 and a 1x12.

    The eden head powers 500 watts into 4ohms and 300 into 8.
    So would two cabs in conjunction be a combined impedance of 4 ohms causing the head to put out 500 watts or would it still be outputting 300 into each?
    Finally if i were to get a 4x10 with a 4ohm load would it be louder based on more wattage going thru it or would the combination of a 4x10 + 1x12 as i currently have make up for it with the extra air movement due to having more speakers?

    Thanks TB'rs
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    You lucky hoser ... you have my amp. Anyway, the combination of the two 8-ohm cabinets results in a 4-ohm load on your amp, giving you 500 watts available output power.

    Your 410 + 112 will be louder than a single 4-ohm 410 cabinet (depending somewhat on their comparative efficiencies) for the reason you cited.
  3. if I have a head (Behringer BX3000T) that produces 300 watts max from the preamp at 4 ohms can i use its max power output on a cab that has 600 watts max handling but at 8 ohms (fender bassman 410h)
  4. You can use it into that cab, but you won't get 300 W--probably more like 160-180.
  5. would there be any adverse affects? like clipping (whatver that may be) or something?
  6. It all depends on the volume you're trying to achieve. If you have to turn your amp up too high, you'll clip; if not, you won't. Into 8 ohms, you have less power available, so you're likely to run out of gas sooner.