Question on impedance and output sensitivity for older gear

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  1. Lorenzop


    Oct 23, 2012
    Hi -technical minded- Slutz!

    So I got a nice 70s Dynacord tape delay on the cheap.

    My question: it has two outputs, rated at either:

    1V at 100KOhm
    10mV at 500 Ohm

    Now, if I'm wanting to plug it in straight to a Line In input on other gear, I'm assuming I should use the 500Ohm output? (line level being at 600Ohm or not?).

    What about it's sensitivity though is 10mV good for modern line inputs? Do I need to worry at all about it??

    And what about the high impedance output, at 100KOhm what could it be used for? Connecting straight into a guitar amp or orher High Z input maybe??

    Thanks for any further clarification!
  2. The first one sounds like an instrument amp input, but voltage might be a bit high.

    2nd sounds like a mic preamp input.

    I could be wrong.
  3. B-string

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    If you are using a "line input" don't worry as much about the impedance as the voltage. 1 volt could be a stretch for line level but 10mv is WAY too low.