Question, On P Bass Controls

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  1. BassBeginer64

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    Aug 6, 2018
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    I haven't played my P bass in some time, got her out to play and was noticing that teh Tone Controls did not seem to work, Bass plays fine, put did not notice any tone changes in Highs at all? I had have Treble Bleed. could this be the problem?
    The controls are pre wired kit - both pots are 250k
    If teh tone was not working would the bass still play?
  2. Was it working before?

    Are your strings very old and/or oxidised?
  3. micguy


    May 17, 2011
    Tone controls are a shunt circuit - they're bleeding off some of the high frequencies (that's oversimplified a bit, but not a lot). The usual faults in a tone control circuit are a bad solder joint, an open pot (the wipers in the pot loses contact with the carbon track) , or a busted wired or capacitor. Those faults all result in "no bleeding" - all of them act the same way - the bass will still work (as if the tone control is dimed), and the tone control doesn't do any bleeding, regardless of where it's set. A short circuit will operate differently, depending on where the short is.