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Question on Stingray Vintage Sunburst (post pics!)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Taustin Powers, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. I have never seen a VSB in person, and I have seen some pictures on the web that look really different.

    On this one, I think it looks REALLY hot:


    In this one, I like it not so much, too light/yellowish:


    What gives? Is it just the lighting in the pictures or do the finishes really turn out a little different on every bass? I've seen more pictures where the finish looks like in the first pic...
  2. dabbadon8


    Oct 11, 2003
    well I posted it in this same thread in HCBF but here it is again...
  3. flywheel


    Jul 9, 2003
    Shawnee, KS
    The Vintage Sunburst I have seen in Stingray's is usually fairly similar. However, they are all a bit different at the same time. The lighting in pics creates a different look than reality. This pic of my '92 Ray captures MOST of the look but it still has a bit more gold overtones toward the center of the bass that don't show in the pic. I absolutely love the color of this bass.

  4. nivagues


    Jan 18, 2002
    Hi there flywheel and others.

    I had a look at the Ernie Ball 1997 catalogue.

    Two finishes are referred to:

    1) sunburst

    2) vintage 3 tone sunburst

    Not sure of the position prior to, and after, 97.

    That could be the answer, including the sources of lighting and the angle of a Bass when a pic is taken.

    Cheers Gav.("Rod Trussbroken" other forums).

    P.S. I'm also aware of another EB Sunburst. The bass in question was stamped sunburst in the pocket yet looked very much like Honeyburst. No outer black/dark tone. I can't remember the year of the Bass. I'd have to look it up.


    Owner lives in Finland. Hope he doesn't mind.

    Owners' comment:

    "The body is dated Feb 27 -89, neck May 15 -89.
    There is a stamp on the body that says SUNBURST"
  5. flywheel


    Jul 9, 2003
    Shawnee, KS
    Gav...how are ya? Long time since we spoke. That's a nice 5'er. Looks like Honeyburst but looks a bit different still...can't figure out why. Looks like it has a super nice fretboard on it though!
  6. nivagues


    Jan 18, 2002
    >>> Long time since we spoke.

    Has to be a few months now.

    Long time since I've been to this Forum!

    I'll send a link of the thread to Derek at EB. It's hard to understand why the finish, on the pic I posted above, would be referred to as Sunburst...:meh:
  7. Hi

    I'm the Finnish guy owning the bass in the above post.
    On the neck is stamped 15 May 1989, body 27 Feb 1989
    The pup and preamp are changed to Basslines so the sticker on the pot's with the Date of Birth is gone.

    There are more pictures of it at http://www.beijer.fi/personal/magnus/Stingray5/

    The stamp in the neck pocket really says Sunburst !

    Anyone knows why ?

  8. flywheel


    Jul 9, 2003
    Shawnee, KS
    Well...I assumed it was Honeyburst since it doesn't have the black around the edges but I did compare it to a Honeyburst 5'er that Jack (bovinehost) owns and the color is slightly different. Maybe it's when Honeyburst first surfaced??? I love the color though b/c it's like Honeyburst with more of a trans look.

    Nice bass Magic!
  9. bovinehost

    bovinehost Supporting Member

    Dec 5, 2002
    Endorsing Artist: Ernie Ball Music Man/Sterling By Music Man
    I think it's impossible to get a real feel for the true colors in these finishes from a photo taken with flash, or even in strong, direct sunlight.

    Cameras have a tough time with these conditions, and these colors can be very subtle.
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