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    Apr 17, 2002
    what do you think of this?
    This amp was made in 1973, by Magnavox Ampeg. I play bass, rock, and classical. The amp has 2 channels, and using both channels at once with a y-cord allows you to use both preamp 12ax7's, getting more punch and volume out of the amp. It has all the features it needs. I like that you can plug in 6550 power tubes without modifying it. It boosts power even more and all that has to be changed are the tube retainers. I use this amp at gigs, rehearsals, etc. It sounds just like my vintage SVT, only lighter and not as powerful. I also have a V4-B I made into a 1x15" combo amp, with a cast-frame Eminence speaker. It blows away any B-15 Ampeg ever made, including the new B-15R that is suppose to be so great ($2000...yea right.. I built my "V4-B15" combo for $350).

    the y cable thing really.
    if i were to buy 7027a tubes how much more would it cost other than the cost of the tubes?
    is this something i can do myself.
    i have found new 7027a tubes for $28

    thanks steve
  2. You'd be looking at $30-50 to retube and rebias. Unless you're very comfortable with tube amp electronics and specifically Ampegs you shouldn't do it yourself. Ampegs have some very high voltage components in them, and I can guarantee that you don't want to discharge a cap charged to 550V across your fingers....:D Biasing a V4 isn't as straight forward as it is on the SVT, either. I think it's a good policy to have a reputable tube amp tech have a look at old tube amps periodically, anyway. Potentially very expensive problems can be avoided that way.

    Finally, I think they sound better with 6550s anyway :D Just my opinion of course.