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Question regarding hooking up MULTIPLE AMPS

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bannedwit, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. bannedwit


    May 9, 2005
    Buffalo, NY
    Hello everyone.
    I just got a real life job and have tons of cash to blow on whatever I want now.

    I am researching how to hook 2 amps together and have them each powering different speakers. Confusing?

    I want:
    amp 1 - settings tuned in for lows and mids (NO HIGHS)
    amp 2 - settings tuned in for mids and highs (NO LOWS)

    A lot of musicians do this whom I have seen (Billy Sheehan and Dirk Lance of Incubus to name a couple.)

    Dirk Lance's Rig for a better example. His uses 3 amps one for lows, one for mids and one for highs...

    Looks sweet huh?
    How would I go about wiring thisstuff so I can plug in my guitar and play. Is there a special rack mount device from which both amps plug into and I plug into from there or will I daisy chain my amps in some way?

    Now let me explain what I want or already have and their specs...
    SWR WorkingPro 700 (700w @ 4 ohms / 450 @ 8 ohms)
    4x10" cabinet (400w @ 8 ohms)
    1x15" cabinet (350w @ 8 ohms)

    - SWR WorkingPro 400 (400w @ 4 ohms / 200 @ 8 ohms)
    - SWR WorkingPro 4x10" (400w @ 8 ohms)
    - SWR Triad 1x15, 1x10, + tweeter (400w @ 4 ohms)

    *the triad may be pointless for this because the tweeter in there my see little or no use...

    *Leave the 1x15 cabinet I own out of the equation for now because i will probably sell it to pay for the new gear.

    Lets say that i bought the three things i listed above.

    I want my WorkingPro 700 to power the 2 4x10" speakers.
    Both are at 8 ohms so when hooked up together, they would produce 4 ohms and I would actually have the speakers be able to handle 800 watts even though I only have 700 watts from the amp...

    I want to hook up the WorkingPro to the Triad ONLY.
    The Triad is rated at 400w @ 4 ohms so the WorkingPro 400 would work with this one perfectly.

    There really is no reason why or why this may not be beneficial to my playing or whatnow.
    So far, I would have my stuff DI'ed together so the sound guy can do his this when using the house mixer and speakers when my band is out playing live... The speakers would be more for show unless they also mic my cabinets which they are starting to do or i can arrange for them to do that...

    Recording, I can have 3 tracks... One for a Direct Signal and one for mids/ highs and mids/ lows....

    Nothing too important or essential. I have no reason to continue buying basses. I just need better speakers essentially.
    I want to research my options and see what I can do and maybe get better tone as a result.

    I finally got the SWR as an upgrade to my Hartke 4000 amp which completely blew but I still have the beginner level stack of Hartke 4x10 and Hartke 1x15 cabinets.(the 1x15 is actually an Eminence Kappa 15" because the hartke one blew up on me...)

    any help on brands or models used for connecting multiple amps or suggestions on how to wire these would be much appreciated.

    Here is a photo of the back end of the 400 and 700 for you in case I could daisy chain them together.
  2. Just a suggestion,

    But a lot of those guys biamp and triamp, and etc because they can afford to, and because they have one or more technicians hauling all that stuff around, plugging it together, fixing it, making sure all the knobs and dials and switches are set right, etc.

    If you don't have those guys (which presumably you don't or you wouldn't be asking this) and if you don't already know how to do all that stuff yourself, maybe you might want to reconsider having to deal with all that crap all the time and have more time for playing.

    But if you insist, there are A LOT of ways -
    preamp out of one amp into the other, sub out, active crossovers, probably a bunch more that I don't know of
  3. Eric Cioe

    Eric Cioe

    Jun 4, 2001
    Missoula, MT
    You're doing this all the hard way. The easy way is to run a crossover out of your current head's effects loop, then run the high out of that back into the effects return. The low out goes to a power amp. Plug in speakers accordingly. This will do the same thing for you without having to buy another head.

    Also, if you are going to stick with your plan, it doesn't make sense to run 8x10s with your highs and only a Triad on the bottom. Bottom end takes a lot more speaker area to get pushed out there.

    That said, I biamped for years and have recently gone all-tube. Got sick of the tone, I guess. Used a 1x18 and a 2x10 (xed over at 150hz), 700 watts to the lows and 150 watts to the highs, and the lows still were much, much quieter. With 700 watts into your highs, you'd probably want more like 1500 into your lows than 400.

    If you are dead set on doing this sort of rig, you ought to run one 4x10 with that 400 head (even though it'll only get 200 watts, that will be plenty) and run your current rig for the lows. Less money that your plan.
  4. Joe Beets

    Joe Beets Guest

    Nov 21, 2004
    My achin' back. :rolleyes:
  5. These sort of desires are exactly what rack based units are for. If this was the direction I wanted to go in, I would sell off everything but the 410 and 115 and get a preamp and a poweramp. My yamaha poweramp for instance has HP and LP filters with adjustable threshold for each channel, no other equip needed beside your preamp of choice.

    All you need to do is set the poweramp to parallel mode, engage the high pass filter on one channel and set the knob to say 120hZ, engage the low pass filter on the other channel similarly set, hook up the cabs to the appropriate channels and you are off.

    The attenuators for each amp channel serves to balance the volume from each cab. Honestly, if you have the dough this approach will enable you to have a lot more fun for your money as the modularity allows you to interchange parts and make things as simple or complicated as you want.
  6. brothernewt

    brothernewt Some people call me the stormtrooper of love...

    Apr 13, 2004
    Happyrock, OR
    also worth noting... the Triad is a full range cab... not ideal for sub.

    Unless the Triad was the high end cab and the 2 4x10's were the low end. Makes more sense wattage wise but not speaker wise. At least in my sense of right-wrong/good-evil.
  7. bannedwit


    May 9, 2005
    Buffalo, NY
    Thanks guys, yeah after i posted that this thread I kind of realized everything that you all mentioned.

    Stupid of me having the highs through the more powerful amp because low frequencies need MORE power to push them. Duh!
    What i am going to do:
    For now I am going to pick up a better 4x10 on ebay from a respected member and save myself around $150. I will also have that modified 1x15 cabinet which is quality so I should be able to continue using my current setup how it is.
    The only real plus for getting another head would be a backup in case this one fails but when does that happen?
    Why my plan failed:
    This kind of stuff was based on a couple WrokingPro amps on ebay which were selling for around $150 each. That would have made this a fun little experiment worth while if i could get one for that price (I paid $500 shipped for my WorkingPro 700 on ebay). However, the seller of these amps has the whole reserve thing and set the reserve to the selling price of the amps at every music store so no money would get saved in that dept.
    Why the TRIAD won't work:
    When i was making the post, i thought about the TRIAD. I originally saw on SWR's website that the ohmage and wattage matched what i was looking for so that decided theings for me... However, I then thought that the amp has 1 15" and one 10" and one TWEETER, kind of stupid to push the lows through something with a Tweeter... duh!
    Thanks for the replies and for letting me know that this is going to be a bigger job than I thought. We have buddies of ours who are pretty dedicated and move our stuff for us out of the goodness of their own souls and for being our friends and just to hang out with us some more. We give them free tickets to our shows and pay for some of the after party stuff... So I wouldn't have minded transporting a bigger rig.
    Now that i wont be spending a ton of cash, i will be able to maybe get a bass pedal or 2 and conserve my cash finally!
    If i were to set my rig up, i would drfinately go the power and pre amp route like mentioned above. or maybe even get a more powerful SWR head to handle the lows.

    This case of GAS has ended for me but hopefully thread will help others realize how professional bassists do this and maybe give them an idea of different ways to set up their rig you know?

    Thread closed unless anyone has anything detremental to say which would affect our lives in a huge way.
  8. gwx014


    Dec 22, 2005