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  1. Tijn


    Jul 31, 2003
    Maarssen, Holland
    Hello bassplayers around the world!

    I have this question to you all, I've been playing a double bass for almost two years now. Last friday I gave my first live performance on my DB. It wasn't a great succes. It felt good playing but there was almost no sound. The soundman used a normal mic. In september we are playing another acoustic set. Can anyone give me information? I have no knowledge at all about amps & stuff. I use a Trace Eliot combo for my Fender Jazz Bass. Names en numbers don't mean a thing to me. I just want to play and be heared.
    Thanks for your advice!!


  2. Frist I would say keep practicing without an amp, listen to your sound. Is it lacking anything to you? If so see how you can come closer to the sound you are hearing. I had problems getting a big cutting sound (still do), but recently I started playing my regular gig without an amp. I have discovered I can now do what was impossible 1 year ago (we have worked this gig for a year now) and that's get an acoustic sound that cuts through the crowd, drums, and guitar.
    This doesn't happen over night I've been playing 4 years now and it's just happening. Work on open strings with the nome at 60 BPM play whole notes on each string for 4 bars, then half, then quater, then 8th. Just listen to the sound and work on that.
    For the short term though, I'd say get a good pick up, Underwood is a highly recomended pick up, I use the Realist from David Gage.
    Go to Lemur music and check the pick ups, plus the newbie links here will be helpful.
    Good Luck,