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questions about EH Micro Synth

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Si-bob, Dec 10, 2002.

  1. just got my EH Bass Micro Synth, and am very pleased with the potential sounds, loadsa deep, dub and synth lines to be had.
    i'm running it with a Bass Collection 5er, which i believe has humbucking pickups, i have noticed that wenever i pluck a note, i also get a pop, is this down to the humbuckers?. As its suggested that single coils are used, will i get a quieter sound if i run my fretless with a DiMarzio 'P' pup in it?

  2. Si-bob there is a tiny pot in the bottom of the unit that controlls gain so it can be used with humbuckers and active pups..the manual will explain how to do this...you do have a manual...right??:D...and whamola your in business...this is one cool pedal...let me know how you make out
  3. I luv the bass microsynth! Since it sounds different with each bass I usually just turn back the volume on my basses when I'm using mine, I also play thru a mixer and mix dry bass with the synth tones very phat!
  4. yup, got the pedal new, so got all the various gumph, including a sticker....yay :)
    ummmm, i'm a bit apprehensive about mucking about with the gain control, i tryed a p-bass (single coils) through it, and it sounded a lot better then my 5er with humbuckers, so i'm after a mexican 5er jazz :)... tis a good excuse for a new bass.....but i work in a music shop, so i can get new stuff for 2nd hand prices, gotta love :)

    had time to figure out some of the sounds and capabilities of the pedal, and its fun...oh yes :)
    loadsa cool useable sounds, not like that Boss synth...useless

  5. [there is a tiny pot in the bottom of the unit that controlls gain so it can be used with humbuckers and active pups ]

    I have bass micro synth also. Amazing machine. I`ve noticed that there is another tiny pot down there. I took the plate off from bottom and found that there is actually 2 pots. Not sure, but I think that other one is gate. Correct me if I´m wrong. Fixing that may solve your problem also.
  6. a P-bass?.with single coils?..:confused: ..O.K. don't be scared,you won't change the sound or anything,it's just a gain controll....really. just back it down a little,and it will sound better with ALL your basses:)...BTW,if youe using a 5 thru it,I back off the sub oct. slider if I'm playin the low notes on the B string a lot.like any oct pedal,it does'nt like to track those low notes...but if you wanna buy a new bass,you can always use Christmas as an excuse;)
  7. christmas was the excuse for the synth :) wen i use the sub octave i don't go any lower then the A string, no point in stressing my cab unnecasarily. I can get a new MIM jazz 5 for bout 330 pounds, so i might do that.

    i know, just realised that they don't have single coils, me being forgetful.

  8. Si-Bob, I don't know the exchange rate,but that sounds like a deal you can't refuse.......Judas,I did'nt know there was another pot inside.I never had to remove the bottom plate,and I recently got rid of my micro-synth.I decided to go with a good octaver,dist,and I am currently looking for a good(but not too expensive) env.filter.for me it provides me with a little more versatility and(this may sound strange,but)to save a little space on my pedalboard. the micro- took up a LOT of real estate on my small board...but back to the topic,I'm not sure what the other pot does,maybe it is a gate of some sort...where are those f\x\guru's when you need'em:D
  9. Yes it takes lots of space from pedal board, but it looks very nice (read:oops:ld and expensive). Only thing that bothers me is very dramatic signal loss. I`m planning to make external true bypass for microsynth. Then everythings perfect.
  10. i'v found that if your quick enough with your volume control u can deal with the signal loss, and also a lot of it depends on how many 'effects' u got goin on, if u only runnin a bitt square wave and sub-octave, the loss shouldn't be that great, if u runnin everything u can, its gonna suck up volume wen u switch back. Fortunetly for the project i'm using the synth for, its on 99% of the time, so signal loss doesn't bother me.

    how would u make a an external true bypass?

  11. you could try the Boss LS2 line selecter,thats what I did,and it works pretty good. better than the bypass on the micro-synth,and theres a whole lotta other uses for it too.
  12. [how would u make a an external true bypass?]

    Well, I`m no rocket scientist, so I got this pictures from Finnish fellow called Askomikko. Led would be great also...
    Signal loss doesn`t bother me when microsynth is on, but it changes radically the bypass sound.

    Boss Line selector would be nice, but this won`t be so expensive ( don`t want to put 70euros for bypass when I can do it with 15euros). As I know Boss doesn`t have true bypass anyway.