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    Nov 28, 2000
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    Will fender sell/send/replace a neck for a specific model? Let me explain... I picked up a Steve Harris p-bass this morning, and the neck is shot. It is split, cracked, and splintered. Can I get Fender to get me a new Steve Harris neck? Has anyone been through this sort of thing before? I know I could get a neck from warmoth, mighty mite, etc... but I would sort of like to have the correct neck on the bass... I bought the bass at an outlet store, so there is no warranty, or anything like that... Does anyone know if they might do this? Thanks...

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    May 6, 2000
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    My experience with this was quite a hassle. You have to take the whole bass to a Fender-authorized luthier, who then verifies that the bass is complete. Only the luthier can order the new neck. And they're expensive. $300 something, as I recall. Mine was a '93 Am P Deluxe, and they didn't have the neck for it, so I had to get a '98 neck for it.

    Since then, Fender has started selling necks and bodies over the counter, so it may be easier to get one now. Good luck.