Questions about rigging up an old Sunn cab with GK 700rb-II

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  1. mattamatician


    Apr 18, 2012

    I recently bought a GK 700RB-II amplifier. I went to ebay to get a cab and I was lucky enough to win a GK 410Neo 8 ohm cabinet. The guy that I bought it from was literally the coolest dude on the planet. He actually gave me an old Sunn 1 x 15 and covers for both cabinets!! He was selling an old tube Sunn head via ebay and the buyer didn't want to pay for shipping the cabinet, anyway, I truly scored. Now I need to figure out the best way to hook them both up. I have a NL4FC SpeakOn cable, that connects the Head to the 410Neo and I used a 1/4 to 1/4 jack to connect to the Sunn Cab. I tested them each individually and together albeit at low volume, and everything sounded ok. Because of this I am pretty sure that the Sunn Cab is 8 Ohm.

    I just bought a SpeakOn to 1/4 cable, and I want to use it to connect the Amp to the Sunn Cab. The cable is a Hosa SKT-410Q.

    My question is: if you were me how would you hook up these cabinets? Do you think there will be a problem if I Bi-amp to the 410 and use the Hosa SpeakOn cable to the Sunn Cab?

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!
  2. No problem as the G-K speakon is a 4 conductor (two separate wires for the horn) and the Hosa is 2 conductor only. :)
  3. mattamatician


    Apr 18, 2012
  4. mattamatician


    Apr 18, 2012
    Oh I'm sorry I just re-read your post. You know that the Hosa is 2 pole and you were telling me. Thanks!
  5. wcriley


    Apr 5, 2010
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    It probably has a 4 pole connector, but it only has two conductors. No problem.

    Does the Sunn cab have a tweeter?
    If it does, and you engage the "Woofer Hi Cut" on the amp (as you should if you're biamping the G-K cab), the tweeter won't be doing much.
  6. brotondo


    Feb 7, 2012
    Kimball MI
    The Speakon is just a new fancy type of connector as far as i know, if you got the cable that adapts it to 1/4 your set there. i would be concerned about the actual ohm rating of the 15, get a digital multi-meter (harbor freight sells em for $5) measure the resistance(ohms) between the +/- of the 15 and that is your rating for that cab. I'm not familiar with the GK 700 as far bi-amping, but cabs used in parallel the ohms are cut in half, ex. using 2x 8 ohm cabs, you would put them in the 4 ohm outputs.running the cabs in a series doubles the load, ex. 2x 8 ohm cabs, the load would be 16 ohms. whatever, just read Gk's owner manual, solid state usually isn't too picky about it.
  7. mattamatician


    Apr 18, 2012
    In the user guide that comes with the Amp they list it as running 480 Watts at 8 Ohms. The 410Neo cab is rated either 4 or 8 Ohm. I am assuming the Sunn 1 x 15 can too? I don't what model it is even. The amp has two speakOn outs and 2 1/4 outs. I tested it with the Neo connected to the Speakon and biamp and the Sunn connected to one of the 1/4" jacks. I played abit at low volume and it seemed ok. I will go to HF and get a multimeter, I need one. Thanks!
  8. You can use the 1/4" jack if you want for the Sunn cab. The NEO410 is available in 8 ohm or 4 ohm models. It will be one or the other, it is not switchable between 4 or 8 ohm. There is no way for anybody to make a 4/8 ohm 410 cab. :)

    And yes the Hosa cable is a 4 pole connector with only 2 wires using the 1+,1- that normally goes from the G-K amp to woofers anyway. ;)
  9. mattamatician


    Apr 18, 2012
    Thanks B-string.Let me see if this is straight. The cabs are always either rated at 4 or 8 Ohms, but it is the Amp which feels a 4 Ohm load, having two 8 Ohm cabinets connected in parallel. It would become a 16 Ohm load if they were in series. I know that the Neo410 is 8 Ohm, and I will measure the Sunn Cab, although I'm pretty sure its 8 Ohm. Is it the case that even though Hosa has a 4 pin connector, because the other end is 1/4" it is essentially two out? If this is the case why would they recommend a 2 connector to 1/4 in the manual? Thanks for your explanations.
  10. BassmanPaul

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    It is inadvisable to run a single 15 with a 4x10. You'll just end up destroying it. Do a search on the subject - it comes up just about every other day!
  11. The amp IS loaded BY the speaker cabs. 4ohm load max output power, 8 ohms load less power, 16 ohms even less output power (Most all SS amps are this way).
    Speakons are more secure and do not short before make like 1/4" plugs. A short is 0 ohms and very bad for SS amps, the lower the number in ohms the heavier the load placed on the amp.

    Trying to avoid his next post Paul? ;)
    The 115 will not stand the strain the 410 will so keep an ear to it.
  12. mattamatician


    Apr 18, 2012
    Thank you BassmanPaul, B-String, brotondo, and wcriley! I really appreciate your input. @BassmanPaul - I will be careful with the volume.