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Questions for Ric 4003 Owners

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by babecker, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. babecker


    Mar 7, 2002
    Sykesville, MD
    I've recently become the proud owner of a new fireglo Rickenbacker 4003 and had some questions for you other Ric owners:

    1. Dampener on or off? Why?

    2. Roundwound or Flatwound? (also, what's the heaviest gauge I could safely put on a 2002 4003?)

    3. What rig are you running your Ric through? (effects?)

    4. Pick or fingers?

    5. Suggestions for using a Ric in a heavy rock situation?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. TaySte_2000


    Jun 23, 2001
    Manchester, UK
    Endorsing Artist: Mojohand, Subdecay, Overwater, Matamp
    1. On because it looks cool

    2. Rounds I use standard 45 so don't have a clue what you could put on them.

    3. Practice amp till I move and get an ashdown 300 c110.

    4. Fingers mainly.

    5. Heavy rock try ashdown amb 900 stereo head, alot of people swear by all tube for ricks so have a look at old ampeg and the mesa boogie 400+.

    hope this helps
  3. jpwinters

    jpwinters Guest

    Aug 22, 2002
    Norfolk, Va
    Damper Off...with it off you get sustain with on you get thump.

    Use roundwounds.

    I use both a pick or fingers depending on the song. With a pick you get more bell like treble tones.

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