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  1. I've been looking into the vintage Japanese copies for Rickenbackers (4001/4003) for the past few months now, and I'm curious if others with any information can provide some more info on the quality of them. For the most part, I've seen the general consensus being fairly good for a clone and its price (and in some cases better than the original). What I want to know is are there any brands that I should avoid? I've mostly kept my eyes on Greco, Ibanez, and Heerby customs, but what about Fernandes, Hondo, Aria Pro ii, Univox? Are there other copy brands that are better overall quality than others? Is there a brand that I should also keep an eye out for that I haven't mentioned?

    Also, since these basses are doubled of my lifetime, I figure that at some point the wiring might need to be repaired. Any pointers to the schematics for the copies, or is it safe to assume it's the same as original Ricks? I'm still pretty new to the bass world and I just find these basses incredibly fascinating to research. Cheers everyone!
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    My blonde Greco was superb, at least as good as every factory Ric it was compared to side by side. I'd buy another long before I bought an original Ric. The Ibanez I had was pretty good too, but the Greco was better.
    No comment on the other brands as I've never had one in my hands.
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  3. I'd pass on Hondo, and probably on Univox as well. Never played a Fernandes copy, but their stuff from that era is generally pretty good.

    My $0.02 only...
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