Questions for users of the Vintage Peavy Series 400 Bass head

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  1. Sergius Durante

    Sergius Durante

    May 21, 2019
    D5520F33-470F-4146-8D0F-4960E09D6BD2.jpeg Whilst looking around my local music shops, this little one I never knew existed had two of these bass heads for $170 each. Was in a rush somewhere as it was late so I didn’t have the chance to try em but wanted to ask those have used em on what their opinion on it is.

    Its a solid state bass head with a Fuzz Box and usually you would use a foot switch with it.
  2. There were several variations of the 400.
    All were near indestructable.
    I think that one is 70s/early 80s vintage.
    I bet if you offered 250 for both, they'd be happy to have the shelf space back
    and you'd have a pair of reliable amps.
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  3. bobomatic


    Jan 15, 2018
    For 170 I wouldn’t even breathe before my wallet was out. And I’ve never played through one, I just happen to think they’re the coolest things alive.