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    I'm strongly considering getting an Avatar 212, since I have a 5-string bass on the way, and I'm not digging the sound of my Hartke 410XL by itself right now. I have a GK 400RB head which I am not going to upgrade any time soon, due to financial (wife) constraints (she's still getting over the Lakland DJ5 purchase).

    If I can talk her into getting the 212, should I get the 4 or 8 ohm version??? The way I see it, I have two options:

    a) get the 8 Ohm cabinet, which would allow me to run both it and the Hartke off the GK (though I doubt this would sound very good)
    b) get the 4 Ohm version, and run just it off the GK. Maybe sell the Hartke to make the wife happy, though I doubt I'd get much for a 410 XL from circa 1990. :(

    One more thing. I will NOT be gigging with this rig, at all. It's strictly for at-home use, and I don't turn it up loud EVER (I've got a kid).

    At some point, I might like to get a new head, but not for a while.

  2. Considering that the 400RB is 280w @4ohms and 180w @8 ohms I would get the B212 @8 ohms, try it with the Hartke cab, and if you still don't like the Hartke sell it and get a B210 @8 ohms.

    I think the Hartke 410XL will go for pretty good money on the Bay.
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    Thanks for your response. That's a good idea I hadn't considered. :)
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    If I use only the Avatar 212 with the GK head, would it have more headroom in the 4 or 8 Ohm version? :confused:

    From what I can tell, the 4 Ohm version would only be about 2dB or so louder than the 8 Ohm, so I'm leaning toward the 8 Ohm version, which would allow me to experiment with running the Avatar and the Hartke at the same time.