Quick Question for U5 Owners

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Bernie Connors, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. Do you leave a space above the unit open for cooling, or do you set your other equipment right on top?

  2. I wish I could answer you... but I've just been bitten by the U5 bug and haven't scored my own yet.

    I'll bump ya though :D

    I'm planning a 2 space rack just for mine as I'll be using it equal time between Live and Recording.
  3. Thanks James!

    So you'll just be using a two space rack then? I want to use one of these but I don't really want an open space in a rack either. :meh:
  4. The U5 is 3.5" tall... with the rack kit it'll take 2 rack spaces. I'm planning a 2 space rack for the U5 then another 2 space rack for the power amp.

    At first I'll be setting the 2 space U5 loaded case on my Ashdown combo as a DI/Pre.
  5. I guess I should clarify. I want to use a U5, but I'm trying to see if having a open space above it is necessary. Sorry for the mixup! :p

    But if you're using a 2 space, then I wonder if it is? Hmm...