quick review on guyatone TZ-2 FUZZ

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by theunknowndude, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. I just recently got the guyatone TZ-2 Fuzz...

    I wanted to compare it to my PD7 (which I mainly use) and the flying tomato fuzz (less often used) as I wanted something alot more biting and edgier that didnt just sound like fret noise gone wrong (which the PD7 seems to like on anything above noon or with the highs up through my rig) and that I can also easily use on my B string without it sounding bad...

    This fuzz KILLS my flying tomato... theres a noticable compression as expected and even though it doesnt seem to lose much low end the mids and highs seem noticably boosted,... that with a very big distortion rate, running it through my weeping demon with toe down it actually LOSES the highs and biting edge to the tone... closest thing I can think of is the distortion on machine heads blackening album on the guitars or perhaps slipknots guitars during volume 3: the subliminal verses (the blister exists song?)... very mid rangey but with a sizzling high bite to it... this is with all knobs at noon!

    volume is just volume output and doesnt seem to affect anything else too much but the depth knob is interesting,... set to say 9 oclock it has just a bit of an edge to it and at noon is where I like it, still maintains notes but very edgey bite to it... setting it higher can sound good or bad depending what notes your playing as this is where the octave up effect kicks in the more you turn up the depth knob... playing anything quickly or semi quickly on B and E sounded mush,... can kind of play quickly the higher up you go but for slow held out notes played high up on the neck... this thing just sounds awesome, distorted shriek with noticable peircing high tones...

    its definitely replacing the flying tomato, however its just a bit too edgy to run with using as a sytnhy sound (using PS3 before dirt) and doesnt play well with the weeping demon with the depth turned up (loses high's/the distorted shriek!!!) absolutely killer by itself though! still going to keep the PD7 but use it more as a subtle overdrive to just bring out other effects a bit more rather than as dirt...

    I tried playing with everything plugged in on pedalboard, pedals on, pedals off, and then playing plugged straight into amp... I noticed a very slight loss of high's when going through pedalboard but with 7 pedals on there and a mixture of boss, ibby, subdecay etc I guess to be expected... turned up to almost near practice levels it didn't bother me too much...

    just have to see how this thing plays in band mix on saturday now, usually the flying tomato came out as a sub octave 'woof' in the chaos of two distorted guitars and metal drumming so ill see if this peirces the mix a bit more for the sections I want it to stand out,...
  2. dannybuoy


    Aug 3, 2005
    I just nabbed a mint one for £25 yesterday, looking forward to receiving it!
  3. yeah these are pretty cool, especially for the price!
  4. yeah I kind awish could dial back in some low end ala the PD7 but I pretty much knew off the beat this pedal wasnt going to be like that... very awesome for the price!!!
  5. Well notice that one of the knobs is a depth control. It boost more mids and highs when turned up, and boosts more lows when turned down. But I don't think it "sucks low end" at any setting. Try raising the volume a touch to bring out more bass
  6. yeah I dont think it sucks low end either,... just that the PD7 has a bit more control and keeps alot of bass into the mix,... I probably just need to experiment though as you said, the depth up has alot of mids and highs when turned up... to the point of craziness when turned fully up which I wasnt expecting! (a plus 1 hehe)
  7. dannybuoy


    Aug 3, 2005
    Mine rolls off the lows pretty bad. It sounds good though if I boost the lows and low mids on my amp. I wonder if it's possible to change a couple of caps or something to improve the low end?
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