Quick Rig Comparisons? (Genz,GK,Barefaced,Orange)

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    Sep 18, 2007
    I know this is the type of thread everyone loves....to hate, but please hear me out? :p
    So I just recently got the opportunity to trade one of my Rh450s (I have two so why not trade one right?) for either a Shuttle 9 or an Orange Bass Terror 500. I love me a nice dirty tone which I mainly control with my effects so the transparency of the shuttle doesn't bother me and the inherent grit of the Orange is a non issue. BUT, I am currently desiring an entirely new ultra portable rig. So I'm going to present you with some potential options and I'm curious to hear what all you guys might say about each.

    *Note: I would use this rig for anything from full jazz groups, small practice, loud sports supporting pep bands, Bar/Club gigs, and outdoors stage gigs without PA support. Our band has a pretty hard hitting drummer and a Marshall full stack and the bass is a featured and prominent sound for our group so I need to break through.

    1) Orange BT500 + 2x Barefaced Midget Ts
    2) Shuttle 9 + 2x Barefaced Midget Ts
    3) Orange BT500 + 2x GK 410MBE
    4) Shuttle 9 + 2x GK 410MBE

    I may just go with a Bt1000 and sell my other Th450 and accompanying cab actually though so if that helps to figure in....

    I know the GK cabs aren't exactly comparably ultra-portable in comparison to the Midgets but CMON, It's a 410 at 40lbs! Haha, so Anything you might say (ESPECIALLY CONCERNING PERCIEVED VOLUME BETWEEN EACH RIG AND SAY AN SVT + 810?) would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for yet another one of these threads!

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