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  1. Well, ive prettymuch figured what pickups im wanting for my banger bass (aslong as i can get a hold of them), i know where im getting the pots from, wire, shouldnt be too hard to get and that leaves just the copper shielding

    Does it matter how thick it is or anything? i dont think it will, but dont see the harm in asking


    would this stuff be ok? yeah i know the seller says it is, but, that doesnt mean anything :)
  2. your are right...thickness means nothing...its area coverage that matters

    the stuff that you linked to from the ebay auction is the stuff you want to use for sure...

    i have a method that uses aluminium foil laminated to double-faced cloth carpet tape..and it works pretty well...but if I had my hands on copper tape, I'd have gone that route for sure.
  3. Cheers, was pretty sure about it, just wanted to check :)
  4. I have a question that is a little too dumb to make a whole thread out of, so I figured I could just put it here. When people refer to shielding their electronics, do they mean putting (for example) copper tape around the wires, or around the walls of the control cavity? I've seen pictures of both. :help:
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    Jul 1, 2005
    Cavity...go to any home depot type store and get a roll of Alum -metal (not plastic gray duct tape) selfsticking tape used for duct systems. Supersticky and good thickness a roll is less than $5.00 and will do many basses.