Quick Vid of me playing the 7-string Tsai!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by togglehead, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Flickr only hosts 90 seconds of video...but we had no singer for this rehearsal anyway. haha. Plus...our drummer has the flu!

    Excuse the mistakes...we've only played this tune a few times before.

    Acoustic B200H and Guild/Hartke free air 4x10.


  2. throbgod13


    Mar 26, 2005
    nice bass.. ;)
  3. Nice playing! That thing looks sick! Pics plzz. :cool:
  4. For a cheap recording, you guys sound pretty darn good. I can tell tho your drummer is sick. His meter was a little off, otherwise you guys sounded pretty good.:bassist:
  5. Drummer was digging it around the :55 mark... Nice work... Next time I want a solo video or recording.
  6. Nice looking and sounding bass, from what I can tell... How you don't have Carpal tunnel syndrome in your right hand yet, is beyond me... that playing position looks painful.
  7. Go a page or two back on my flickr page....youll see some pics of it. =]

    Thanks guys!! I do have to get a solo recording up here...something recorded properly at least...and perhaps minus the fumbles. That bass screams for its price. hehe

    This was early in the rehearsal too...so couple being sick, with being cold on playing, and not too familiar with the tune...didnt equal good down beats at all. You can even see me start bobbing up and down for a few beats to make sure he doesnt drag! Great guy though..and what a sport.

    I need to play that thing especially high on the strap so my LEFT hand doesnt twist itself off on the lower strings/frets. My right hand is fine! It may look weird...but anyone look at jaco's right thumb? =P
  8. Is this the Antoniotsai bass from overseas?
  9. It IS.
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