Quiet Riot Bassist's Signature Model

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  1. Ok, so I know the title of the thread is a little weird, but here goes, i was browsing the local store today, The House of Guitars in Rochester NY for those of your who may be famililar with it, i saw this cool looking washburn, it was kinda made to look like a star, and it had a signature on it, i asked how much they were looking to get for it and they told me $250 because it was a signed pro model, that would be very worth the price except for the fact that the e string doesn't hook into the nut at the top of the neck, the indentation for it is stripped on the side so the string slips out, the bass is also missing one knob for and it doesn't have a nut to hold the the active/passive switch in place, i was considering buying this bass until i found out how much they wanted, i've bought there before and can generally haggle them down $50 or so, but it still don't think it's worth $200 just looking for everyone's thoughts/input, thanks
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    The Rudy Sarzo model? $100 seems about fair. If I'm not mistaken, he's had a sig model with about 3 companies, Washburn, Warrior, and Peavy.
  3. i was thinking somewhere in that neighborhood myself, i'll check back in a few weeks and see if its still there, maybe i can get em to drop the price