Quiktune Tuner for Sale

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  1. Good, basic floor tuner. I had to buy one for a tone-deaf lack of talent guitarist, so he wouldn't have to use my Boss TU-2 during shows/practice. But he's gone now. The new guitarist has a Boss TU-2 as well, so this dude's been neglected for the past 3 months.

    It's the innards from a Danelectro DJ-11. Heck, even came with a Danelectro battery (2 hours of life...great). When you power it with an adapter, it has a backlit screen for dark stages. I always thought this was pretty cool. It's nice and big, and doesn't move around. Has a nice non-slip backing. I may have the box still, and will send with it if I find it (I'm pretty sure i have it...to lazy to look for it now). Price is $20 shipped, or best offer. I'd prefer a money order.

    That's about it. Buy this sucker!
  2. More pics.
  3. Annnnd...one more.