SOLD Quilter Bass Block 800 (BB800)

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    Hey all!

    I have a Quilter Bass Block (BB800) that is about 1.5 years old - but it's not been played much at all as it was a backup for my Mesa Subway. Recently I was able to pick up another Subway used so I'm passing this one on to a new home.

    Amp comes with the bag, power cord and (I think) everything that came with the amp except for the original box.

    I'll ship immediately and shipping/insurance is included. Payment is via PayPal and shipping is ConUS only.

    Thx for looking!


    FWIW, here's a pic of when I had it mounted on my pedal board.
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  2. New pics

    IMG_3109.jpg IMG_3115.jpg IMG_3117.jpg IMG_3118.jpg IMG_3111.jpg IMG_3113.jpg
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    Nov 15, 2017
    Richmond VA
    i've had a severe case of GAS for one of these or a while now...i'm currently saving up for the "NEW" price of these bad boys...if you still have this one for sale when i get there i would really like to entertain getting this dude from you...
  4. Awesome (but...) This one has been sold...

    Really is a terrific head. When I was looking for a small Class D head, this one ticked all my boxes. FWIW, terrific piece of kit. Keep looking and you'll find one!