SOLD Quilter Bass Block 800 shipping included

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    Quilter Bass Block 800

    The amp is absolutely phenomenal and in mint condition. I dig it a lot, but GAS to try them all. Asking $500 shipping included.

    Quilter Labs Bass Block 800

    Built specifically for the bass guitar, the Quilter Labs Bass Block 800 represents the culmination of years of research and development.

    Unlike many of today's compact bass amps, the Bass Block 800 is not simply an existing consumer-grade power module married to a pre-amp, but a comprehensive power system that responds dynamically and musically to the player’s instrument and touch.

    The Bass Block is so light you might forget you are carrying it to the gig! Using an ultralight aluminum chassis, internal fan-cooled heat sink, and ferreting out every ounce possible, the Bass Block manages to pack 800 watts into a sturdy and insanely lightweight 4-lb package.

    Using high power technology developed for world-class pro audio touring, the Bass Block 800 delivers effortless reserves of power to maintain tight control of the speaker without clipping or bottoming out. The universal-voltage power supply delivers smooth and powerful response regardless of “club voltage” surges. The amp works on any voltage, anywhere. Plug it in, turn it up, enjoy the effortless beauty of the tone!
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    Jul 14, 2014
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    I'll bite. Because GAS.
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