SOLD Quilter BB800

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  1. Price:
    Purchased new from Prymaxe in September '18. Played 2 shows with it. It's a monster of an amp, but I'm a Gallien-Krueger guy. Fortunately for you, I'm selling this.

    Comes with locking power cord, carry bag, manual and catalog.

    SOLD - $420-firm shipped Continental US seems to be the going rate on the last few that sold. Paypal only. Sale only at this time.

    20190306_094523.jpg 20190306_094531.jpg 20190306_094614.jpg 20190306_094718.jpg
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  2. Rats, just ordered a used one from GC last night. Would’ve bought yours in a heartbeat. Sorry.
  3. Cancel the GC buy?!
  4. DRHAM


    Dec 21, 2018
    any issues with the amp? If not how fast could you ship it?
  5. No issues. I can ship today.
  6. Jeff Elkins

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    Sep 13, 2007
    Johnson City, TN
    When it works for you, it works. When it doesn't, someone gets a great price on a quality piece of kit! I used to be a GK guy, so I totally get it. I migrated away from them because the tone stopped working for the gigs I was chasing, and BAM, I found the BB800. It's exactly right for me across multiple instruments and genres. GLWTS and congrats to the lucky person that picks this up!
  7. Appreciated, Jeff. It certainly ticked all but one of the boxes for me. My main gig is AS Flea, and Flea = GK. I tried the BB800 with a Plex and it just didn't have it. Picked up a GK MB500, and I'm back home.
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