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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by moley, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. moley


    Sep 5, 2002
    Hampshire, UK
    When you quote someone who is quoting someone else, the quotes aren't copied. All you get in your quote is what they wrote - not what the person they're quoting wrote. So if the person you're quoting has interspersed comments in the quote, like this:

    ...yet more comments

    And you quote them, all you see is their comments - which make no sense without the original quotes they were commenting on. Especially if the comments are just answers to questions, like "Yes", "No" etc. All you see when you quote them is "Yes", "No" etc. and not the questions they're answering.

    Just saying it'd be nice if when you quote someone, quotes in their post are included.

    Cue argument from Bruce... :D
  2. yoshi


    Jul 12, 2002
    England, London
    Sorry to butt in before Bruce, but I dont think that would be as good as the current system: A number of other forums Im a member of does just what you described, and 90% of the time I find myself deleting out irralavnt quotes when posting.

    Also, if your post consists of 2 or 3 quotes (or more), people may get 'bored' and choose not to read the whole post, missing out your added point, or possibly skipping to your point after reading quote A, missing out quote B which your reply (part C) is in respose too.

  3. moley -

    I can see how this (quotes in quotes) would help to explain something...


    I have used the quote feature, only to the capacity that the whole post is displayed.

    Q: How do I quote a portion of someone's post, not the whole thing?

    Q: How do I insert 2 quotes, or 2 portions, into a post?

  4. moley


    Sep 5, 2002
    Hampshire, UK
    Well, you just click the quote icon, and it'll give you the whole post in a quote, and you just delete the bits you don't want. And you can include a quote within another quote by simply including another pair of quote tags (QUOTE and /QUOTE in square brackets) inside the quote. Like so:

    But if someone has a quote in their post, and you click the quote icon to quote them, you don't get the quote in their post. If you want the original quote that they quoted, you have to copy and paste and do a bit of fiddling to get the quote to appear inside the other quote.
  5. Bruce Lindfield

    Bruce Lindfield Unprofessional TalkBass Contributor Gold Supporting Member

    I'm not that bothered either way really! ;)

    I'm happy to quote what the last person said and if I really want a particular quote, then it is very easy to cut and paste.