R.I.P. Maurice Herzog

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  1. He was the very first man to succesfully climb an 8000m peak in the Himalaya, along with Louis Lachenal.
    He was my hero and his life a testimony of the human will to overcome any obstacle. He was also the last living member of that great french expedition that pushed the envelope and ascended Annapurna by the north glacier, without oxygen, without the aid of accurate geographical maps. I've visited the northern Annapurna basin because of Herzog's book, which I used to read over and over again, and Annapurna is just as beautifull as he describes.
    Especially that place to the north, withing the bounds of the Nilgiris, the Great Barrier and Annapurna, above the wild streaming Miristi Khola...

    R.I.P Mister Herzog

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