rack EQ, patchbay, ATK guard, jazz control plate, SX P neck

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  1. idealtracks


    Dec 18, 2001
    I'll try to update thread with some pictures tomorrow night as needed.

    All prices INCLUDE SHIPPING. Paypal and continental US only please.

    I'm "cleaning out the garage" and I've got a ton of odds and ends. Here's some more:

    1. Loaded Jazz control plate from new Squier VM Jazz
    I bought a nearly-new loaded body and replaced all the guts with a little better stuff. This is still like-new with the shiny chrome knobs. $20 shipped.

    2. SX P-bass type neck with Rosewood fretboard. SOLD

    3. used B/W/B Pick guard from a 90's Ibanez ATK 300
    This has a good bit of pick scratches (normal amount of wear from a bass that's approximately 12 years old and played a lot.) $12.00 shipped.

    4. used Behringer Ultrapatch Pro PX2000
    This is unbalanced, but it's 48 points and has great configuration options for each individual channel (parallel, half-normalled, normalled, open) which can save you a ton of extra wiring. It's quiet enough for digital recording. Each channel works, unit has a little rack rash and good bit of tape/stickers still on it from my labeling. Should clean up very nicely. $24 shipped. You're not gonna find a cheaper 48 pt patch bay than that!

    5. old Phase Linear Professional Series E20 2 channel graphic EQ (2 rack space)
    10 bands per channel. The only issues visually are one missing slider knob and lots of dust. (still functions without the 1 missing knob.) This unit has some static when moving the sliders and needs to be cleaned out (blown out with can of compressed air.) 48hr trial--I will give your money back (minus shipping) if you're not happy. I think you'll keep it! $49 shipped.

    Also, please see my $125 Frontier Alphatrack in "Other Stuff" section. Thanks!
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Not open for further replies.