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  1. Does anyone out there use a rack mounted compressor Just for their bass? The Sound system we have to use when we play at our gig has one 2 channel compressor and the sound man has all the vocals in channel one, and the bass Drum michrophone in channel two. I'd always heard that bass needed compression. I bought a DBX 266XL, but I know very little about compressors and I don't really see that it is doing all that much for me, except add a noticeable amount of white noise to my signal. What should I do. Lose the compressor, cause I dont need it? Learn how to hook it up right, what? Did I just waste 150 dollars.:eek:
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    No, I don't think you wasted your money - I like mild compression on bass.

    I'm moving this thread over to "Effects", where you'll get a better response.
  3. I myself, like little to mild compression on the bass, just to even out the dead spots on a neck, though i'm not sure on anyone else here, but we have alot of people that have an opinion on it, and they'll be more than happy to help you.
  4. A compressor does add sustain, punch, and
    an extra gain stage or two.
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    Try doing a search here to see what settings are common for compressors. For example, your ratio, etc.
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    I knew someone would come through for the lad.
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    I just tried Donne's setting for linking the 2 channels of a stereo compressor. It took a bit of tweaking to get rid of clicks as the comp engaged, but I really like what I ended up with!
  8. glad to hear it.
  9. whatever you end up with, seriously consider a unit that will allow for individual ratio+threshold settings for both the highs and the lows. Some of the best stompbox models offer this like the Digitech and Trace but very few rack jobbies do. I bought my Rane DC24 after a a rather extensive search. It has a X-over to split the bands. This is essential for bass IMO and the feature allows me to use the unit like I would an EQ. Tight top for taming snaps, tight bottom for reducing stage "boom." Lotsa flexibility but interestingly, no attack and release option which i actually prefer. Too many parameters are not always the best thing and I sure do not miss that option.

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    Doesn't that have a "NASA / HOUSTON LAUNCH SHUTDOWN" button? ;)
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    Tight bottom...fnar fnar....I'll get me coat...