rack mount?!?!! confusing!!!

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  1. Hi,

    I have seen many of these before, and know they have to do w/ an amp, but what is everything??!?!? http://youtube.com/watch?v=wkkzzAjSxDs&feature=related Here is an amazing piece by Michael Manring, and could someone please explain what is behind him (The only things I recognize are the eden head and ampeg/glockenklang cabs)
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    deBont Amps
    Well, From top to bottom, I recognize a (probably furman) powerconditioner, a Korg DTR-1000 tuner (or DTR-2000, not sure), a Line6 Guitar POD (the red device) and a Lexicon MPX100 effects processor. Then I'm at a loss myself :)
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    Sorry, he blocks too much of it for me to be able to tell what exactly what most of it is, aside from a tuner and POD, but this is from a description of one of the related videos taken at the same time:

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    here's my rack!!!


    and it has nothing to do with bass! I know, I'm terrible for trying to confuse you. (Actually it sort of does since it powers my monitors, which I play through often...especially when people are sleeping) But racks can really be used for anything. Almost all racks used for bass contain a preamp and an amp usually at a minimum. Most have a power conditioner or tuner as well. After that, it could be anything!

    I bought many of the components in the rack before I even was really into playing bass, which is sort of weird since I ended up with Ashly and Crest some how....I guess I had bass-iness in me before I even knew it...

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