Rack Mount Kit for a Carvin BX250 Micro Bass Head

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by LegendInMyMind, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. I jumped on the going out of business sale from Carvin and picked up a BX250 Micro Bass Head. My next evolution in my bass rig is to rack mount my components. I have a NADY wireless system that is already rack mount ready - but I am unclear on where to being looking for a solution for the Carvin head..

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated..

    Here is a pic of the head on top of my Warwick 4 X 10 View attachment 2876813
  2. I can't remember if they sold a rack kit for those or not. Google search might find something.

    The easiest/quickest solution would probably be to get a generic rack shelf. You might get lucky and find pre-drilled holes that align with the screw holes for the feet. If not, you could make a template off the bottom of the chassis and drill your own.

    One of my old drummers bought one of those heads for his rehearsal space after hearing my MB10/115MBE rig. I like that amp.
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  3. What Paul said. If you take the rubber feet off, it should fit on a two-space rack shelf. Make a template of the feet spacing and drill holes in the bottom of the shelf. Then you can use the same screws that held the feet to screw through the bottom of the shelf into the holes for the feet of the Carvin. Keep in mind, that the screws might hit whatever you put in the rack below the shelf.

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    Alternatively, build yourself a custom case. (Depends on what's important to you. Although you won't likely get lighter than a shallow Gator-style plastic rack case, you might be able to go a lot smaller.)
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    I'd get a toothpick and measure the clearance in those holes. With the feet gone, the shelf may not be thick enough to keep from screwing into something like a board. That or just use the feet or equivalent spacer under the shelf, above the screw head.
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    That head isn't 4 lbs soaking wet (it's also ungiggable soaking wet, but I digress). If it can't be secured by screws, industrial strength velcro will hold it to the shelf.
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  8. Thanks for all the great suggestions !! I will post pics with the results..
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