Rack Mounted Effects Processors?

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  1. Can anyone recommend a good effects processor for under $1000?
    Preferably something that you can get in Australia, since I haven’t had luck finding availability for them over here.
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    They aren't as common as they used to be.... other than the new breed of modelers. You likely won't get into one of those (with a foot pedal to operate it) for under a thousand.

    The Helix rack is $1,400 USD with no foot controller.

    What do you need it to do?

    Any particular reason why you want the rack version? You can likely find the floor version of several for under you budget used.
  3. i’m looking for tone shaping, digital delay/reverb and possibly other effects
  4. waveman


    Sep 25, 2008
    On the cheap, I have fun with my Digitech Quad. Even though there are usable preamp settings, the Digitech GSP 1101 probably has good effects. Other than that, check out used, older versions, of the AxeFX units.

    If you are willing to spend a little more the floor model AxeFX AX8 or Helix floor... you might find an used one for closer to $1000 than a new one
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    Have you thought about going old-school used? Alesis Quadraverb, Yamaha SPX-90 or Roland GP-16? You could probably get one of each for $AUD1000.
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    I would look out for an old Line 6 X3 Pro or the Pod racks. Avid's Eleven rack should be on your radar as well. These will all be cheap and fairly common as they sold well when they were in production.
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