Rack setup gurus? Ampeg/Marshall

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  1. I am currently putting together my first rack setup. I have always had combo amps in the past, so this is all a little confusing. I guess the easiest way to discribe what I'm trying to do, is to write how I plan to chain everything together, and then anyone who see's a problem or better way, feel free to give your input!

    Line out of bass and into Nady wireless

    out of Nady wireless and into Sabine RT-1601 tuner

    out of Sabine RT-1601 tuner (with single out/double in cable) into BBE 482 sonic maximizer (this is a 2 channel unit)

    out of BBE 482 "channel 1" into Ampeg B2RE (to drive Marshall MBC410)

    out of BBE 482 "channel 2" into Marshall MB150 (this is a combo, but one hell of a combo amp)

    Also, is there anyway to input the Ampeg B2RE from the back of the unit? effects return? as this would give a cleaner look to the rack.

    Any advice is appreciated! Thanks
  2. First off, can you do a single input/double output configuration on the BBE? Even though it's two channel, normally it needs two inputs to supply two outputs. I may be wrong on that particular unit.

    If you use the B2RE's effects return, you bypass the entire preamplifier stage and only get volume. No tone controls at all. People run cable from the back to the front of their racks all the time and won't look out of place. What type of rack are you using and how many spaces? Is it possible to leave a gap above the Ampeg for a cable?
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    the ampeg isn't a 2 channel head... where did you get the idea that it is?
  4. Thanks guys.. After looking at the thread "show me your rack, I'll show you mine" I saw how guys run the input to the amp through the case, works for me. The BBE has an input and output for each of the 2 channels. I was planning on using a cable that has a single 1/4" connector on one end (output on the tuner) and double 1/4" connector on the other end (input for each channel on BBE)... Should all work, just wanted to check with you guys..Thanks again