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Rack Synths for sale or trade

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by kent1113, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. I have two rack synths. Both in great working order.

    Korg M3R with M1 card. Lots of sounds, lots of fun. It's old but works fine. Comes with two expansion cards for more sounds.
    check this url for a unbiased review of this synth. http://www.kinneticfx.com/korgmt/m3r.htm

    The other is admittedly much better.
    Roland Fantom-XR
    Other than doubling the RAM on this it is stock. This is a great piece of hardware.

    Asking $450 for the Roland and $75 for the Korg or $500 for both. Buyer pays shipping. I'll check for rates from Northern California to wherever when I know where they're going.

    Trades offers cheerfully accepted. Please offer through private messaging on this board. Looking for recording gear, mostly mics, and I'd really like a telecaster that plays well, fender or clone works for me.

    I can send better bigger picts.


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  3. Or trade. I'd like to turn these into something I use. I'm a guitarist as well as home recording hobbyist. lokng for a good drum program to use with Logic Pro.
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  7. TTT.
  8. taking it down a notch:

    The Korg is now $400. I'm looking for trades if you got 'em.
  9. The Roland Fantom is gone. The fun and friendly Korg is still available.
  10. Sold, delivered and all that.

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