Rack System vs. head???

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  1. So, i am not even sure if i am in the market for a new amp yet..but when i do get the money i want to invest in a new amp head or rack system. what are the advantages or disadvatages??? i will be playing rock, metal and alternative types of music. What is the best buy? i would like a rack system jsut because it gives me more options and more tonal varation..i think. how can i get the best bang for my buck?:confused: and remember MORE POWER! haha :p
    Thanks Ben
  2. jerry

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    Dec 13, 1999
    If you want power....go for the rack! With the lightweight high powered poweramps available today [QSCPLX} it will a lot more flexable with more wattage. My Demeter/PLX3002 weighs about the same as my SVT3Pro & SWR heads, with a ton more tone & wattage.