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  1. I want to beef up my sound and maybe get a few effects (pre amp, delay, reverb, distortion, maybe some odd effects) on my current rig without having to much pedals or a pedal board. I move way to much on stage to have something at my feet. Im looking for equipment I can rack mount. I have lots of space. I got a Furman power conditioner and a Ampeg B2RE head. I also run my Conklin GT-7. Any ideas (low and high cost) items would be nice. Thanks!
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    There really aren't that many rackmount options out there any more. Not very popular.

    Without something at your feet, how are you going to turn stuff on and off?
    You could grab a TCE G Major 2 to do most of what you want but you'd still want a controller of some sort.
    Or you could go with an Axe FX but that's going to cost more than your entire rig and give you modeling on top of FX.
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    Had a rack, hated carrying it around and focused on just putting together a pedalboard that can be used as a rig. BUT when I did have one, power conditioner, preamp and amp were essential. Maybe a compressor or sonic maximizer if you want to get fancy.
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    Alembic SF-2 Superfilter. Nothing short of laying your hands on those knobs will reveal the awesome wonder that this device delivers.
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  5. Yeah, this is the first thought that came to my mind as well.

    I move around a ton on stage as well, and I've never had a problem with using a large board. I would think that someone who moves around a lot would have an even harder time being tethered to a rack...at least with the board, you can place it exactly where you might pass by the most, like your mic or whatnot.

    You simply won't get the options and variety you want with a rack. Racks are mainly intended for studio, pedals for live. Maybe the OP should consider a nice multi effect solution to experiment with for starters?
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    The SF-2 will certainly achieve OP's desire to "beef up" his sound. There is nothing on the planet that works quite like an SF-2, but its uniqueness is only part of its charm; the fact that it's capable of dialing up some of the most insanely huge bowel-destroying bass sounds possible is the other not-so-small part of its appeal.

    But it won't do "delay, reverb, distortion" or anything particularly "odd" so OP should still investigate something like the aforementioned tc electronic G-Major or an old Alesis QuadraVerbGT or a Digitech 2120 Artist.
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  7. I love how much responses i get on here. All your guys input def helps and i do see why having a pedal board is way more effective and would have a wider range of sounds. Thanks for all the input gentleman!
  8. @JonnySavag

    Then there's rack-drawers, drawers full of stomp-box effects, and then a snake from the rack to a single master switcher on the floor.

    You get a relatively compact switcher (can include MIDI capabilities, too) and a ship-load of pedals all housed nice & neat away from beer-spilling patrons, fellow band members stomping on them, etc ...

    If what works for you is a rack, then use a rack AND whatever pedals you want.



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  9. I used to gig with a big rack with an 810 in a roadcase. Pedals on shelves and in the drawer. Rack compressor and wireless. Looked cool but after a while I hated moving it.
    These days I have two cabs, a little 4 space rack bag that weighs about 20 pounds and small pedalboard IMG_1863.JPG I plan to get a slightly bigger board soon. Probably a PT junior. But I'm not into these monsterous pedal boards. We move around a lot on stage, not full on seizurecore but we like to put on a show. I like to keep my pedalboard near my amp and usually up against the drum riser. No ones ever accidentally stepped on it even at shows with tiny stages. I'd like to add if you would like a ton of effects IMO the better option is instead of getting a surfboard sized pedalboard is to get dedicated pedals for dirt (i use darkglass b7k ultra and darkglass duality, and then get one of these small digital Swiss Army knife type pedals like the line 6 m5, eventide H9 or even the zoom one. I just bought second m5(sold the first one to our guitarist and missed it) the m5 has a lot of good sounds in it. All the flanger, phaser, tremelo, stuff is good. The delays and reverbs are great IMO. The overdrives, distortions, and fuzz models in it do suck but I tried using dedicated reverbs and delays and chorus and stuff and I just prefer the m5 for its ability to make presets. Problems I had with dedicated delay and reverb pedals in particular were I absolutely suck at using tap tempo footswitches and I hate having to change pedal settings between songs which was he case for reverb because sometimes I just want a touch of reverb and other times I want the 100% wet shimmer (which is called the octiverb on the m5) . With the m5 you can have different reverbs and delays for different songs and you never have to touch it with your hands just
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  11. Wow! :)
  12. Uhm, sure...
    None of that stuff in the post you quoted is mine, just some pics pulled off the Net to illustrate a point.

    FWINW: I have a pedalboard because that's what works for me. :smug:
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  13. Ah ha! Thank you for the clarification.