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  1. is there a kit that i can convert a regular head to a rackmount head?

    I have my AMP 220, and it be a lot easier to just put it in my rack if its possible!

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    Sep 2, 2005
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    the amp is sorta old, so i doubt you'll find a kit directly for it.

    i have a bh420 and am going to rack mount it. mine is 17" wide, as i thikn yours is, and has a few holes on the sides. both my amp's have these holes, so i bet yours will too. maybe you could use the holes from the handle? i plan on cutting a couple 3.5" x 4" pieces of metal (Al maybe?) and making my own rack ears. i bet the whole shabang runs me under 10 bucks, between the sheet metal, machine screws/nuts/washers.

    try it out... cant hurt.
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    You can buy "rack shelves" from any large instrument retailer. They are 18ga steel, usually painted black, in a few different heights and depths, and they usually have a few holes pre-drilled in the bottom panel. Just drill holes in the shelf to match existing holes in the bottom of your amp (where the feet are screwed in, for example) and screw the amp to the shelf. Ouallah!
  4. i have holes on one side of my amp with 4 small rubber feet (must be for setting it on it's side to save space...

    thanks for the tips guys!
  5. So there are kits sold that convert normal heads to rackmount heads?