SOLD Radial Bassbone O.D./ Radial Stage Bug Buffer+Voltage converter

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by Hyper-sloth, Aug 16, 2017.

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    Hey all,
    Up for sale or trade is a Radial Bassbone O.D. and a Radial Stage-Bug Buffer/power converter.
    The Tonebone is pretty awesome sounding but I am still drawn to the Tech 21 sound. I regretted selling my VT pedal. Great DI, effects loop, headphone out. 2 channels, mute, OD. Power supply is included.
    Looking to sell the Tonebone for $250 shipped CONUSA OBO.
    Someone has a Bass Fly Rig for sale at a good make a reasonable offer!

    The Stage Bug is a cool buffer ( all boards need one) that also takes 2 9V power outs ( from a VooDoo) and converts it to the proper 15V for the Tonebone, so no wall-wart needed.Has a drag control to properly load your pickups.
    Looking to sell for $60 shipped CONUSA

    I will sell both for $300. I will include all the power cables from my VooDoo II

    Here's the link for more info:
    Bassbone OD Bass Preamp and DI box

    20170816_112834.jpg 20170816_112929.jpg 20170816_112948.jpg
    Only trade I am looking for is a Tech21 Bass Fly Rig. I foresee fly dates coming along soon and I am hoping the Fly Rig will work for me.

    I will ship out next business day, USPS. Price is for CONUSA only.
    Thanks for looking,
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