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    Thinning out the gear. Lightly used Radial Bassbone OD. Original owner. Low miles. Comes with power supply and ships in original box. Great pedal for multiple basses. Band just isn't doing many acoustic shows anymore.

    From Radial's web site:

    Bassbone OD Bass Preamp and DI box

    • Toggle between any two basses with ease
    • Bass overdrive with wet-dry control for extra grit
    • Drag control load correction for vintage basses
    • PZB booster and 10 meg piezo input for upright
    The Bassbone OD is a bass preamp with two instrument input channels, each of which is fully equipped with a level control, super powerful passive-interactive EQ and a low frequency filter to help eliminate resonance. Channel-A is equipped with a PZB booster switch that increases the sensitivity and load to 10 meg ohms to optimize it for use with piezo transducers as commonly used on upright bass. Channel-B takes a different slant with Drag Control load correction to optimize the tone and feel when using a passive instrument such as a vintage Fender bass. Toggling between channels is done using a footswitch and both channels may be mixed together by depressing the blend switch, should a dual pickup system be in use. Outputs include a ¼' instrument level output to feed the artist's on-stage amplifier plus a balanced low-Z Radial DI box output to feed the PA system. The XLR output can be assigned pre or post effects to suit the engineer's preference. A separately buffered tuner output works with the mute footswitch for quiet on-stage tuning.

    For bassists that employ effects, both input channels can share the same pedals by connecting via the built-in send & receive effects loop. This is augmented with an on-board bass overdrive with control over the drive level and tone. A wet-dry mix lets you add slight grit similar to an Ampeg SVT or full on distortion depending on your mood. The OD footswitch may be assigned to the loop, overdrive or both. Finally, a built-in headphone amp with 3.5mm output lets you use the Bassbone on the bus for those long drives between gigs. Comes equipped with 15VDC power supply.

    The Bassbone OD... the world's most powerful bass preamp in a pedal.

    Bassbone OD with two basses
    Toggle between your favorite vintage bass and your active 5 string using the middle footswitch and send the signal to your amp. Mute the signal using the right hand footswitch for quiet on-stage tuning using the tuner out.

    (click on images to view larger)

    Bassbone OD with electric and upright
    Whether you play jazz, pop or orchestral works, the Bassbone OD lets you switch between a passive bass with magnetic pickups to an upright with piezo while optimizing the tone for each. Add effects to the signal path using the built-in effects loop.

    Combine two pickups and mix together
    Connect the TRS (stereo out) from your dual-element bass to combine a magnetic pickup with a piezo using the blend switch. Set the levels and tone for each pickup to suit. The Bassbone OD acts like a mini 2 channel mixer!

    $260 shipped CONUS. Paypal only.


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