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For Sale Radial Bassbone V2 w/pwr supply & orig. box - Ex. Cond.

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by jondiener, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. jondiener

    jondiener Guy in the corner, looking at his phone on break. Gold Supporting Member

    If you're looking at this posting, then you probably already know everything about this piece of gear. The Radial Tonebone series of preamps is second-to-none for build quality, reliability and sonic integrity. The Bassbone V2 is an excellent tool for players with two instruments and allows for matching of levels and EQ, switching between inputs, switching in an FX loop, a level boost, and much more.

    I bought this brand new from Sweetwater in April, 2016 and it has been babied ever since. It is in excellent condition, functionally and cosmetically - difficult to even discern from new, except for the Velcro 'hook' strips on the bottom. (These can be removed easily enough if you don't need/want them.) The original rubber feet were never used and are still in the box, if you prefer those.

    There are 2 or 3 tiny indents (about the size of a pinhead) on the front between footswitches. These are very hard to even see, but I wanted to mention them in the spirit of full disclosure. Since taking these photos, I also wiped off the fingerprint smears and dust, so it will arrive looking even nicer than the photos! This sale will include the original Radial power supply and the original box & packaging.

    Full info and specs from Radial Engineering: Bassbone V2 - Radial Engineering

    Since consolidating some rigs, this piece is redundant, so here's a chance to snag one in outstanding condition at a great reduction from the $290 price for a new one.

    I'm asking $215 shipped CONUS. Paypal or Venmo accepted. No trades at this time - looking for cash to fund another purchase.

    JSD-181031-Bassbone_V2-001. JSD-181031-Bassbone_V2-002. JSD-181031-Bassbone_V2-003. JSD-181031-Bassbone_V2-004. JSD-181031-Bassbone_V2-005. JSD-181031-Bassbone_V2-006. JSD-181031-Bassbone_V2-007.
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